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Cranberries a booming business at harvest time in Ladysmith

Yellow Point Cranberries floods fields for fruit-gathering

When harvest time comes around in Ladysmith, the cranberry business is literally booming.

At Yellow Point Cranberries, located on Yellow Point Road, workers don hip waders and lifejackets to slosh their way through flooded fields and coral cranberries with floating booms.

Yellow Point Cranberries was established in 2001 when Grant Keefer and his wife Justine purchased the property. The farm has produced the fruit commercially since 2009 on more than seven hectares of currently cultivated fields. Two more fields are also being prepared for fresh fruit production. Keefer’s family also raises cranberries from fields in Richmond and is one of about 80 families in B.C. that produce the fruit for Massachusetts-based agricultural co-operative Ocean Spray.

Keefer and a crew of workers were corralling the hectares of floating cranberries Tuesday by pulling floating booms around the berries to concentrate them into one area where they could be picked up with a conveyor that would deposit them into containers for shipment.

“I’m probably one of the last ones flooding right now,” Keefer said. “There’s probably still a couple of others going in B.C., but we’re getting down to the end.”

Keefer said it was a good harvest, but the berries are a bit smaller this year than they normally are, possibly because of a cooler summer.

“We didn’t have any excessive heat this summer and maybe that had something to do with it,” he said. “The really hot [weather], sometimes, pushes them, but it wasn’t a bad growing season.”

The majority of the fruit will be sent to Ocean Spray to make cranberry juice and sauce.

“I also have, what we call, independent acres and that’s what I sell fresh fruit [from] for going to the 49th Parallel Grocery and [other stores], farmers’ markets and everything else,” Keefer said. “But Ocean, they’re pretty good to us and they’re always good about letting us sell fruit off the farm – there’s no problem with that – because you’re promoting the product.”

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Grant Keefer, owner of Yellow Point Cranberries, pulls a boom into position as he rounds up cranberries floating atop the water in a flooded field Tuesday at the farm located in Yellow Point south of Nanaimo. (Chris Bush/News Bulletin)
Farm worker Marlaina Buch uses a pole to push a boom across a cranberry field, taking advantage of the buoyancy of the boom on the water to help move it to the next location it’s needed. (Chris Bush/News Bulletin)

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