Federal government backs Nanaimo Airport’s terminal expansion

The federal government is helping to cover the costs for Nanaimo Airport’s terminal expansion.

Federal government backs Nanaimo Airport’s terminal expansion

The expansion of the air terminal building at the Nanaimo Airport is one of 26 infrastructure projects in BC to recently receive federal funding.

The project costs are $7.46 million with both Ottawa and the provincial government contributing two-thirds of the funding. Nanaimo Airport Commission is covering the remaining costs.

Nanaimo Airport board chair Lucie Gosselin said record-setting growth of 108 per cent over the past six years underscores the need for the expansion.

“We are 10 years ahead of passenger forecasts and this investment will help us expand to ensure we deliver a great service to the customers at YCD,” she said.

“The Nanaimo Airport Commission appreciates the support provided by the Government of Canada and the provincial government for public infrastructure projects, through Infrastructure Canada and the Small Community Fund.”

The investment will be used for the first phase of the terminal building expansion. This will include expansion of the departure lounge and passenger security area as well as increased services.

New projections estimate the airport will service 450,000 passengers annually by 2020

“This funding announcement allows us to begin to fulfill three critical priorities: regional economic development; economic stimulus through infrastructure construction; and meeting escalating demand for air service through the next decade,” said Michael Hooper, president and CEO of the airport.

YCD will contribute $358 million in economic activity annually by 2021.