Library launching literacy kits Jan. 24

The kits are designed to help with early literacy development and include 12-15 items.

When the Ladysmith Library celebrates Family Literacy Day this Saturday (Jan. 24), it will also be celebrating the generosity of the community.

The Ladysmith Library recently received a generous donation from Ladysmith Families and Friends (LAFF) to purchase early literacy resources for young families.

With this donation, the library was able to purchase a new collection of Children’s Literacy Kits, and the library will be launching these new kits during its Family Literacy Day celebration Saturday, Jan. 24 at 1 p.m.

Ladysmith Library manager Stephen Warren is very grateful for the new kits. They come in backpacks and have different themes, such as Robert Munsch, Let’s Make Music, Bees, and Farm for toddlers and preschool-aged children. The backpacks are filled with a collection of books on the theme, a toy, a CD or DVD and information sheets that offer hints about how to use the kits, ideas for games and songs and suggestions for more books to check out.

The kits are designed to help with early literacy development and include 12-15 items.

“The previous kits were super popular, and they’ve been really well-received,” said Warren.

The previous Children’s Literacy Kits were created in 2007 and came in large plastic containers, so Warren thinks these backpacks will be a little bit easier for families to take home.

“It’s designed so that young families, you can grab one thing and go, and then you’ve got enough stuff to have fun and engage until your next library visit,” said Warren.

The kits get taken out just like a library book, and they can be loaned out for three weeks.

“We’re pretty excited to have them here,” said Warren. “I think people have already started requesting them.”

During the library’s Family Literacy Day celebration, there will be face painting and crafts, and Colin Pickell will be reading from his new children’s book, Who Will Tuck Me Into Bed?.

“We want to celebrate community and thank all the people who were involved,” said Warren.