Volunteer driven to help

Jim Cram has always been driven to help.

And that drive has earned Cram his own stretch of road, known as Jim Cram Drive.

The road was dedicated to Cram in a ceremony on May 1.

Cram was recognized for his years of selfless service to knowledge, sport and youth in the Town of Ladysmith.

Cram was tipped off that the big moment was coming, but still was not prepared for the emotion of it all, but is still very humble.

“There’s lots more people who deserve it.”

Volunteers are usually not propelled by the hope of recognition and Cram is no different.

And even the honour of having a stretch of land bear his name does not compare to seeing kids he has coached or taught all grown up with lives of their own.

Cram admits sometimes he has a hard time recognizing some of the now-adults he once coached.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with kids, but I was far more pleased when I saw what happened to them afterwards.”

Cram signed up for a Facebook account two years ago and has been amazed to see how some people had grown.

“They’re all over the world now.”

Cram looks at the new Forrest Field and laughs to himself.

They used to spend hours lining and preparing the fields for the kids to play.

Now, Forrest Field is ready to enjoy, no prep needed.

“Now they just have to show it. It’s going to really be nice for them.”

Cram had been serving on the committee for the field.

Cram is now working on a Sea-to-Sea project working to unite First Nations’ youth.The first project will be working with stream enhancement, said Cram.