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Complaint of speeding along Jim Cran Drive near Forrest Field

Duck Paterson brings complaint to council with seniors worried of speeding along Jim Cran Drive

A complaint of excessive vehicle speeding along Jim Cran Drive in Ladysmith was recently brought to the town council's attention.

Coun. Duck Paterson brought the issue up at last Monday's regular council meeting at city hall following fears from seniors living in that area.

The area of incident is also close to Forrest Field.

"There are a lot of seniors up there and about 40 lots," said Paterson at the meeting. "There are also a lot of small lots, homes and children around there."

Paterson also believes there is not enough signage in that area prompting drivers to slow down.

"Forrest Field has a park and playground there but there is no signs to say that it is a playground zone. The speed is getting way higher. I think public works should put a playground sign in there or a crosswalk."

Coun. Steve Arnett was equally concerned.

"There is a lot of seniors up there and I know them and they don;t move very fast," said Arnett. "Anything is too fast for them. They just can't go as fast across the road."

As a result, the town's public works department will now look into potential signage prospects for the area.

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