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Enhance your esteem with Confident Stages

New business in town set up to aid people's confidence
Rosemarie Barnes has set up a local business to help improve confidence in people

There's a new business in town and one with the goal of helping you lead a more confident life.

Confident Stages is a local business set up recently by Rosemarie Barnes, originally from Alberta.

"Confident Stages helps to teach and inspire confidence in different groups of people," said Barnes, who moved to Ladysmith last July. "I do that in two different ways: I'm a public speaker and then I've devised courses to teach confidence using theatre games."

Barnes divides her classes into three different groups of children aged nine to 13, teenagers and adults 19 or older.

"That way I can address each person's issues on an appropriate level. I create a safe environment from the start so that it's fun to be silly. I teach how we can become confident and reach our goals.

"I don't know anyone in Canada who is doing this kind of thing. I found one person in the United States that does something similar and is very successful. I won't run a class with less than six in it but there can't be more than 20 as I can't give each person their individual attention."

Barnes' vast theatre background majorly aids her in her teaching.

"First of all I'm a professional speaker and a trained singer. I've directed plays and spoke in boardrooms and lecture halls. My courses are individually created, they're dynamic and everyone leaves feeling really good about themselves. I act as well and sometimes I'm often two or more characters on stage at once.

"I don't use props as it takes away the attention of the words. I mime them (props) and often get a class member up on stage with me. The topics all have one consistency and that is that confidence is at the core and is the key to success," she said.

Barnes' spring classes begin in February with one event staged for the Ladysmith Little Theatre.

"In the nine to 13 class we could have the child who hasn't got many friends or is frightened, shy or bullied, or has a troubled home-life. In the teen class it could be about the teenager who is heading off to college or university for the first time and leaving home wanting to know if they can do it. It's about discovering who they are and we could also have cyberbullying.

"In the adult class, I've got a lady who is 80 years-old that has never been able to forget how she was abused as a child and she''s still struggling with that. I have a lady who is now widowed and is now on her own."

Barnes can be contacted via her website, or at 250-661-0994.

Classes being early February throughout the community and registration for classes this fall are also being taken.


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