Leona Petrak with her painting Fly Way

Leona Petrak with her painting Fly Way

Art show features the beauty of Mother Nature’s design

Sherry Bezanson tells us about the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery's April art show in her Community Arts Showcase.

April’s theme for art is Animals and Insects, the Beauty of Mother Natures’ Design, running at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery from April 5 to April 26.

Opening night on Saturday, April 5 was a success at the LAC Waterfront Gallery, with more than 70 people attending.  Guest speaker Rick Conroy, an instructor from Vancouver Island University Art and Design, has a background in graphic design and illustration. He showed an impactful film he created about visual literacy and colloquium theory, and a compelling slide show on his artwork over the past 10 years.

For April’s show, local artists were called to create their own personal interpretation of animals and insects in the world around us. Our planet has such an array of fascinating creatures, some shocking and deadly, some beautiful, and many that are beneficial to human existence. Without the animal kingdom, our world would be a dismal and boring place.

And this art show is anything but boring.

Among the artists exhibiting this month, the LAC is proud to announce that local renowned artist Grant Leier has contributed two art pieces to this show. One is a stunning acrylic painting of a horse, and the other is a mixed-media collage of resin blocks and canvas renderings; a symphony of pattern and design that stimulates the senses.

Local fine artist, illustrator and designer Iris Churcher has also contributed generously to this show. She has four archive digital prints from her published books, derived from the natural world around us. Her work demonstrates her rich inner world and imagination.

In addition, in the centre of the room is a breathtaking hand-painted Monarch Butterfly dress designed and created by local artist Carrie Kendall.  The brilliant oranges and yellows and distinct markings strike the viewer’s eye. Kendall’s work is a 3D marvel that will spark your imagination and have you wanting to don the garment and flap around the gallery.

And don’t miss the resin collages and digital art by Chemainus artist Trish Oldfield. Her work delights the viewer with humour, colour and fine workmanship.

There are many more to mention. Please come join the LAC Waterfront Gallery team during this month to see this flamboyant spring show. You won’t be disappointed.

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