Michael Robinson and Patricia Zogar star as Glease and Clemmie in the Yellow Point Drama Group’s fall play

Michael Robinson and Patricia Zogar star as Glease and Clemmie in the Yellow Point Drama Group’s fall play

Characters shine in Seeing Stars in Dixie

Yellow Point Drama Group's fall play, which runs until Oct. 19, is heartwarming and funny, with great acting.

Seeing Stars in Dixie is a sweet and heartwarming comedy that makes you glad you came to the theatre.

Yellow Point Drama Group (YPDG)’s fall production, which opened Oct. 4 and runs until Oct. 19, is set in Natchez, Miss., in 1956, and it centers around Clemmie’s Tea Room.

The proprietress, Clemmie, is about to turn 60. She loves reading movie magazines, and when she hears that Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift will be in town to film Raintree County, her life is turned upside down.

Clemmie finds out the film’s producers will offer one spot in the movie to a Natchez local, and she decides that is what she’d like for her 60th birthday.

With the help of her friends Glease, a fashionable man who comes to the tea room every day; Tootie, a take-charge woman who works at the local newspaper; and Jo Beth, a former beauty queen, Clemmie tries to get over her fears and insecurities as she gets ready for her audition.

Devious social climber Marjorie has decided she wants to be in the movie, and she won’t let anyone get in her way.

Promotional material for the play, which was written by Ron Osborne, states that: “Competition for a small role in the movie brings out the best and worst of these memorable characters. Twists, turns and revelations lead Clemmie to trade a moment of fame for love and the chance to impact the lives of people dear to her.”

Seeing Stars in Dixie is a great story about friendships and about believing in yourself, chasing dreams and letting go of fear.

As we watch how each character deals with the competition, we learn more about them. What we learn isn’t always  a good thing, but it’s real. These are real people, and I think there’s a good chance you’ll be able to relate to one of the characters — or even to bits of more than one character.

The play is very funny, and the acting is fantastic.

Patricia Zogar is wonderful as Clemmie. I couldn’t help but love her. Evelyn Applin does a great job as the opinionated Tootie, who delivers some great lines. Michael Robinson is sweet as Glease, who is more comfortable hanging around with women than with macho men, and Tabi Jasper is funny as Jo Beth, who helps teach Clemmie how to believe in herself. Inge Cathers does a fantastic job of playing someone you don’t like very much in her role as underhanded Marjorie.

Directed by Joanne Rowland, Seeing Stars in Dixie is full of southern charm, and besides the great acting and enjoyable story, it features a really nice set, beautiful costumes and great music in between scenes. Everything fits really well together.

Seeing Stars in Dixie runs Oct. 11, 12, 18 and 19 at the Cedar Community Hall. Doors open at 7 p.m., and show time is 8 p.m. Tickets are $17 for adults and $12 for youth.

On Saturday, Oct. 12, doors open at 6 p.m. for a special 8 p.m. dinner-theatre presentation. Tickets are $35 and include a three-course dinner.

On Saturday, Oct. 19, doors open at 1 p.m. for a 2 p.m. matinee performance; tickets are $12.

Tickets are available at the door at Cedar Community Hall (2388 Cedar Rd.) or by calling 250-245-7516. For more information, click here.