Community art showcase – October Photo Show offers lots of variety

For the month of October, the Photo Show will be on display at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery

For the month of October, the Photo Show will be on display at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery. The show portrays life captured in a photograph or created photograph through imagination and the sophisticated technology of the computer.

“This photo show has a very wide variance in the type of subject matter you will see, traditional and non-traditional,” says Sean Sherstone of the Ladysmith Arts Council (LAC). “Traditional landscapes and still images are here on display, and also the photographs that are designed to make a statement. The photo show includes photo and mixed-media entries as well. In addition, some images are printed on aluminum substrate for dramatic effect. Todd Ross won the People’s Choice category for his image of Nanoose Bay on aluminum substrate.”

With today’s editing software, photographers may become digital artists. In digital editing, photographs are usually taken with a digital camera and input directly into a computer. Photo manipulation is often much more explicit than subtle alterations to colour balance or contrast and may involve overlaying a head onto a different body or changing a sign’s text, for examples. Image editing software can be used to apply effects and warp an image until the desired result is achieved. The resulting image may have little or no resemblance to the photo from which it originated. Today, photo manipulation is widely accepted as an art form.

On opening night, Oct. 4, international artist Rob Elphinstone was the guest speaker, and he provided an inspiring talk and vivid photo series on his time in Afghanistan in the 1980s. The audience of more than 70 people quietly consumed the fascinating information for the hour of the presentation.

Please come down to see this month’s show, which will be on display until Oct. 28. Viewing photos is subjective, and the viewer can enjoy all.