The cast of The Hollow rehearse. Pictured: Inge Cathers

The cast of The Hollow rehearse. Pictured: Inge Cathers

The Hollow full of rich characters

Ladysmith Little Theatre production

The Ladysmith Little Theatre is opening the season with some romance, humour, intrigue and a murder.

Mort Paul is, for the third year, kicking off the 2011-2012 playbill with an Agatha Christie gem, The Hollow.

The Hollow is an interesting Christie play to be tackling, said Paul, as it really focusses on problems of the heart — romantic, mysterious and always interesting.

“It’s a good play. It’s a fun dramatic piece,” said Paul. “It’s not just the mystery that will pull you in, but also the clash of the characters.”

In the play, Dr. John Christow, played by Rob Smith, is surrounded by four women, all with reason to kill him.

“But they may also all be in love with him,” said Paul.

While The Hollow marks the third Christie play he has directed, Paul said each one presents its own challenges. Plus this is not his first round with The Hollow. The former drama teacher once did the production with a school class and jumped at the chance to do it again with a more mature cast.

“I think everyone suits their characters very nicely.”

As the opening night of September 15 approaches, there is still much to do.

“There’s a million things to do in the next three weeks to the opening,” said Paul, noting his volunteers are juggling many different tasks as the opening night draws closer.

The play being set in 1948 presents some challenges as producers must find props and costumes true to the time period.

The large cast of 12 has also created some challenges as everyone has been taking their vacations.

“But it’s coming along, they’re getting into their characters.”