The Ladysmith Players invite you to go behind the scenes at the theatre

The Ladysmith Little Theatre is hosting a free Behind The Scenes event Sept. 9.v

Jocelyn Dewar

Jocelyn Dewar

Whether you’ve always wanted to be in front of the spotlight or behind it, the Ladysmith Little Theatre is preparing to show you how the magic happens.

The Ladysmith Players will be hosting a free Behind The Scenes event for the community on Sun., Sept. 9, with an emphasis on what goes on beyond the stage.

“Many people are unaware that there are more than 20 different jobs involved in a production of a play, from stage managers to ticket sales to set designers and builders,” said Gale Lawrence, Little Theatre sound designer. “Most people are aware of the actors and directors and so on, but [some] aren’t aware of what happens with the other aspects of the play … Lighting, sound and costumes are just some of the elements that help create the dramatic experience.”

Attendees will get to see a sneak peek of Ladysmith Little Theatre’s latest production, And Then There Were None, and be entered into a draw for two free tickets to the show.

“We’ll take a very dramatic scene from this murder mystery and show it in parts,” Lawrence said. “All the elements are pretty equally important and they act together, but if one of them doesn’t work, you really notice it.”

Stations will be set up where people can learn more about things such as sound design, set building, lighting and costuming, and there will be backstage tours given as well. Director Mort Paul will also be on hand to answer questions.

The theatre even has an apprentice program that allows new volunteers to work and learn alongside a more experienced member.

Lawrence is hoping the event will draw out newcomers to the community who aren’t familiar with the theatre, as well as those who would like to get to know their local theatre better and perhaps become involved.

“What happens in community theatres is, the large portion of the people will be people who have been doing theatre forever, but there are also people like me who come from a non-theatre background who have always liked theatre but are not theatre people,” Lawrence explained. “This is a chance to check out the theatre and see what’s happening.”

Lawrence has been a sound designer with Ladysmith Little Theatre for three years. Prior to that, she worked in sound design down in California.

“I enjoy the challenge of having things really put people in the right mood and have them experience the [play],” she said.

The Behind The Scenes tour takes place Sun., Sept. 9 from 2-4 p.m. Ladysmith Little Theatre is located at 4985 Christie Rd.