Who will win The Affections of May?

The Yellow Point Drama Group's spring production is a sweet and funny Norm Foster tale of love and self-discovery.

The Yellow Point Drama Group is kicking off spring with a sweet and funny tale of love and self-discovery.

The Affections of May, written by Canadian playwright Norm Foster, is about a young woman, May, whose dream of running a country bed and breakfast is wrecked after her husband leaves her suddenly to return to his mistress and his city life.

May, struggling to run the business on her own, finds herself the love interest of two different and equally unlikely suitors — one, a lonely banker and momma’s boy and the other, the town ne’er do well and handyman.

The Affections of May is about the strange and humourous love triangle that forms and the challenges all three main characters undergo as they learn about relationships and themselves.

Often referred to as a romantic comedy, the play is known for its unconventional humour that appeals to men and women of all ages.

“It’s a very funny script. There are some really funny lines,” said director Gordon McInnis. “It’s a quirky, offbeat kind of romantic comedy.”

McInnis has a long history in community theatre, both as actor and director. He has been active since 1980, when he got involved in live theatre in Squamish and North Vancouver. After moving to the Island 10 years ago, McInnis quickly took up locally and has since been involved not only with Yellow Point Drama Group, but also with Ladysmith and Nanaimo groups as well.

About a year ago, he proposed that Yellow Point perform The Affections of May.

“I had seen the play 20-odd years ago and really enjoyed it,” he said. “It’s about love — finding and keeping love, and learning about yourself. It’s a nicely crafted play, and the fact that it’s Canadian is a bonus.”

Foster is one of Canada’s best-loved and most prolific playwrights, with more than 40 works to his name.

Yellow Point Drama Group has had great luck with another of Foster’s plays in the past. Last year, the group won Theatre BC’s South Island Zone Festival with Foster’s Looking, a play featuring the same offbeat sense of humour. That play, said McInnis, was also well-received when Yellow Point performed it locally in Cedar, and he encourages anyone who enjoyed that show to give The Affections of May a try.

“Norm Foster has a nice take on relationships. He’s got some neat insights,” said McInnis.

Starring Maureen Molyneaux as May, Erik Tully and Brian March as her suitors and Devon Cathers as May’s husband, The Affections of May opens Thursday, March 6 at the Cedar Community Hall and runs through March 22, with a dinner theatre production on March 15. Tickets cost between $12 and $17, or $35 for dinner and the show.

For complete information, click here. For reservations, call 250-245-7516 or e-mail ypdgreservations@live.com.