Beantime hopes patrons will ‘pay it forward’

Help those who can’t afford a coffee or a bowl of soup.

In the Beantime is hoping customers will ‘pay it forward’ and help those who can’t afford a coffee or a bowl of soup.

“We are calling this the suspended coffee/soup program,” said Cam McIntyre.

Customers can purchase ‘suspended’ coffees or soups at reduced prices at their time of purchase.

A ‘suspended’ medium coffee costs $1.50 (regular price $2.30) and a bowl of soup $5 (regular price $5.95).

In the Beantime will suspend the invoices for these purchases and offer the coffee and soup to those in need for no charge as long as there is a balance in the account.

“When making your purchase of food or coffee just ask the cashier to purchase a suspended coffee or soup,” McIntyre explained.

“The cashier will add this to your bill and we will add a marble to a jar as a visual tracking aid.”

In the system a blue marble will represent a soup, a clear marble a coffee.

When someone in need comes in they just need to ask for a suspended coffee or soup and we will take an appropriate colored marble out of the jar and accept the marble as payment,” McIntrye said.

“Hopefully we can help out some people around town all year round.”