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Earth Skye’s focus for fall equinox art show

Artist looks forward to welcoming people to St. Joseph’s Gallery Sept. 20-22

Skye Skagfeld is an artist for all seasons and for all reasons.

Art shows coinciding with the seasonal equinoxes and solstices have become her forte in recent years and now she’s added different elements to the mix.

Since she’s also a master of alliteration, Skagfeld’s Fall Equinox Art Exhibit – the Earth Show – features five Ts as Teasers: Tints, Tones, Tastes and Textures of Terra Firma. It takes place at Gallery Skye at the St. Joseph’s Artist Studios at 9735 Elm St. in Chemainus from noon-7 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 20 and 4-8 p.m. on both Thursday, Sept. 21 and Friday, Sept. 22.

“It’s all about bringing interesting art to rural communities,” said Skagfeld. “I think it’s neat to have modern-looking galleries. It’s not just tourist art. There’s a lot of that in Ladysmith-Chemainus. It’s different.

“I think many people are apprehensive about things. Once they come, it opens their mind to a new way of thinking, a new way of seeing.”

People are nervous about uncertainties, she added, but there’s no need to be or to have the claim they don’t know anything about art.

Skagfeld is known for using vibrant, bright colours in her art.

“It’s been scientifically proven just by looking at colours it raises your endorphins,” she said.

As a result of today’s fast-paced world, people don’t always take the time to simply pause and reflect, Skagfeld pointed out.

“Everything is so quick. Our attention span is so short. Take a moment out of the busyness and look at something that’s colourful.”

Skagfeld is a hostess with the most and happy to talk to patrons about perceptions or just to chat casually while viewing the art. She’ll have four new pieces in the collection as well as paintings from her vast repertoire.

“It’s an art show, not necessarily a sale,” Skagfeld emphasized. “Sale is a bonus.”

There will be some delectable food at the show to sample and everyone who attends can enter a free draw for a chance to win Skagfeld’s Super Moon painting.

And, despite perceptions that seem to exist in the community, the St. Joseph’s site is not that far away. It’s only minutes from downtown, just up the hill and out of sight but very close. Follow the signs to the right side of the building for entrance.

Skagfeld is one of the original St. Joseph’s Studio artists after the building converted from the previous elementary school.

The Fall Equinox show with the Earth theme follows June’s Body of Water Summer Solstice Art Exhibit. Inspiration for that came from a two-week artist residency on Toronto Island.

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She has plans to continue the themes during shows at upcoming equinoxes and solstices, including fire for the winter solstice.

“A little heat in the dark of the night in winter – a warm place to come – I think it aligns nicely,” Skagfeld said.

Air will be the theme for the spring equinox show next year.

What alliterative masterpieces she attaches to those shows remains to be seen. Skagfeld’s previous ventures included: Essence of the Esses and Euclid Elemental that went ahead with precautions during COVID in 2020.

She did not have any shows at St. Joseph’s in 2022, but returned with the 2023 summer solstice event that marked the start of a rebranding with themes.

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Skagfeld hopes her love of art stirs some emotions in people. “Any reaction is a good reaction,” she said.

The Earth Show promises to be much more abstract and eclectic.

“It’s like part of a healthy society,” Skagfeld reasoned. “It just adds to a more well-rounded community. It really adds to peoples’ experiences having an alternative view.”

For more on the artist, check out her website here.

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