Airport increases parking

Parking has been expanded at Nanaimo Airport to meet demand.

Parking has been expanded at Nanaimo Airport to meet demand, according to Nanaimo Airport Commission president and CEO Mike Hooper.

Hooper said the parking footprint has been increased at the airport with a gravel parking area, the latest of which was installed two months ago.

“We’ve added additional parking this year for 50 cars, and as we go forward, we’re going to rotate through and add gravel parking areas and as our customer base increases, we’ll pave them and add more and we’ll sort of rotate through that way,” said Hooper.

While there are no current plans, the airport could add multi-level parking eventually, he said.

“What we have is a long-term parking plan, and we’re working to ensure we meet our growing customers’ needs … into the future, at some point, within the next several decades, we’d start to contemplate things like a multi-level environment,” said Hooper.

The airport commission also announced that the Century Flight Club’s B.C. Discovery Tour landed at the Nanaimo Airport this past weekend. The conference began Saturday, July 12, with delegates from across Canada arriving via 100 private aircraft, and it runs until Thursday, July 17.

Groups of 20 to 30 aircraft will take off each day of the conference for day tours, said Hooper.