BC local elections - CVRD Area G candidate Lynne Smith

BC local elections – CVRD Area G candidate Lynne Smith

Current occupation and background –

I am retired and have an accounting and business background. I have been a resident and taxpayer in Saltair for 27 years. Throughout this period, I have been a community advocate and volunteer involved with taxation, education, water, parks, zoning, housing, grants, the environment, youth programs and government processes.

Why are you running for electoral area director ?

I am running to ensure Area G is well-represented by an Area G resident and taxpayer. I want to achieve the highest possible standard of community engagement and provide representation that is fully responsive to the wishes of the electorate. My cornerstones are community endorsed taxation, prudent spending, responsible budgets and open communication. I will hold regular community meetings in Saltair and on Thetis Island. I will use these meetings and all the communication tools at my disposal to ensure residents know the facts and I know their wishes and concerns before I adopt a position. I will walk the talk, not just talk the talk. During this campaign so far, I have personally knocked on 90% of the 840 doors in Saltair. I have spoken to hundreds of homeowners. If you received one of my election brochures, I was there to speak to you and listen to your concerns and ideas.

If elected, what will your priorities be for the term, and outline how you will tackle them?

Taxpayers and residents are telling me it’s time for the Saltair Community Centre to operate like the Hub, North Oyster and Forbes Hall community centres. The fact is relatively few Saltairians appear to use the Centre, the volunteers who have helped repurpose the old building can be proud of their accomplishments. However, Saltair taxpayers now want the Centre to operate as a community resource funded and maintained through private donations, rental income, memberships, non-profit grants and user fees. Saltairians are worried about the cost of their water distribution system upgrades and the cost of providing water filtration. Residents are looking forward to next year when the Parks Budget portion of the Mt. Brenton purchase loan is paid off and these Park taxation funds can once again be directed at maintaining and improving our parks and trails.

Saltair taxpayers are proud of the fact Saltair has one of the lowest property tax rates in the CVRD. They want it to stay this way. I will do my best to see that it does.