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BC local elections - CVRD Area G candidate Sean Jonas

Current occupation - Financial Advisor with P.J. Grandview Financial Services Corporation

Current occupation - Financial Advisor with P.J. Grandview Financial Services Corporation

Background- I have lived in Saltair for 7 and half years. Spent the last 4 as the alternate director to Mel Dorey at the CVRD. Prior to that was the Vice Chair on the SDRA. Formerly was on the board of the Cowichan and District SPCA, also on the board of directors at the LDBA, former member of the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce, and have run my own financial services company for the last 5 years, after being a financial services broker for 7 years previous to owning P.J. Grandview

Why are you running for electoral area director ?

Since I was a young boy my parents have made volunteerism, and community service a priority in our lives. I have always looked to volunteering to clear my mind and realize the value in each of us. It is my community service that brought me to this point, I now have the knowledge and experience needed to do the best job for Saltair.

If elected, what will your priorities be for the term and outline how you will tackle them ?

1 Water, it will be dealt with using the collective knowledge, and science accumulated by the water technologist, hydro geologists, and valued staff of the CVRD, the Geo technical companies contracted to assist, and the consultation of the people of Saltair, Thetis Island, Penelakut Nation, and the gulf Islands.

2, Acquiring a new Vision for the community, of the community. Looking to the work of Cowichan Bay in their recent Charrette for the Cowichan Bay water front, and the Ladysmith Charrette, for their waterfront, I would seek the communities vision for the Saltair Center and area around it working closely with the entire community, and the Saltair Society.

3,In all aspects I would realize the immense human resources we have here in Saltair from facilitators, contractors, communication experts, builder, Iron workers, stevedores, teacher, engineers, foresters, too many to mention here. But everyone valued and valuable in our community. I want to make it fun to volunteer in Saltair!

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