Tim Tessier

Tim Tessier

Canadians want change. They want real change.

This election is about the people with bills to pay and futures to plan.

Tim TessierLiberal

This election is about you. It’s about your life. This election is about the people with bills to pay and futures to plan.

You are asked to vote on your future, and to choose the person who has the plan and the team that will make a real difference in your everyday life.

There’s a big choice to be made in this election. Justin Trudeau has been to every corner of this country, and he has been told over and over again that you don’t think anyone in Ottawa is listening. Well, we are.

People have said, “Give us change that makes a real, positive difference in our lives. We’re working harder than ever, but we just can’t get ahead. We can’t save for our kids’ education, let alone our own retirement. We’re seeing our adult children return home, unable to find work. And we worry that we will be thrown out of work, ourselves.”

Canadians are our advisors.

Nine out of ten Canadians will be better off under our plan than either of our opponent’s plans. We will pay for our plan in two ways. We will have the wealthiest pay more in taxes. And we will stop sending cheques to millionaires, just because they have children.

By making life for Canadians better, our plan will make Canada better. When we lift up the middle class, we will elevate our country.

Our plan is to create jobs and economic growth for the middle class – including new and innovative infrastructure investments, ensuring opportunities for post-secondary education are available to everyone, and investing in world-leading research and innovation, particularly around the environment.

The NDP talk about raising the minimum wage. Their plan will not help 99% of the people who make the minimum wage, because it only applies to minimum wage workers who are regulated by the federal government.

NDP are peddling false hope to hard-working people. And Mr. Mulcair knows it.

I think we’ve had enough of that kind of cynicism.

And the NDP’s other answer for everything is to make the company you work for pay more in taxes. That means fewer jobs and less investment; all while our economy is stalled. The NDP wants to put the brakes on the economy at the worst possible time.

Our opponents can say whatever they want about Justin Trudeau. We are going to stay focused on you, on making a real change happen that will make a real difference in your life, and offer the best plan to help you.

Our plan. The Liberal Plan.

We believe a Prime Minister has three main jobs. Keep our country united. Keep Canadians safe. And give every Canadian, a real and fair chance to succeed.

That’s what our plan will do. That’s what our team is committed to fighting for. And that’s what this election, truly, will be all about.  www.realchange.ca