ELECTION 2014: Mural town will welcome Koury warmly

North Cowichan: Mayoral candidate will attend debate after conciliatory email exchange

ELECTION 2014: Mural town will welcome Koury warmly

North Cowichan mayoral candidate John Koury was worried he was going to be walking into a lion’s den Nov. 4 in Chemainus.

Kathy Wachs of the Chemainus Residents Association has assured him that is not the case.

The pair copied the News Leader Pictorial in an email exchange tied to Tuesday’s all-candidates’ forum at Chemainus Secondary School, sponsored by the CRA and the Chemainus Chamber of Commerce.

“Earlier this year I was the target of a hostile letter by the CRA over opinions of mine that CRA disagreed with and for the mistake I made by identifying CRA as ‘ratepayers,'” Koury wrote. “Past-president Bernie Jones (then president), on behalf of CRA demanded an apology and retraction from me to the whole community.

“I did not then and will not now apologize and I stand by my words save mistaking the name. Do we have unfinished business? Is the CRA still waiting for an apology, or can we put this behind us now?

“I am not looking for special treatment. I am not asking the CRA to change their views of me nor am I asking CRA to withhold questions, tough questions, they have of me on issues that concern them. I need you to ensure that I will be accorded with the same and equal treatment as the other debaters by your board and organizers of the debate. My hunch is that you will be able to give me comfort on this and I will attend.”

Wachs responded with reassuring words.

“The past eight years were stressful for members of the Chemainus Residents Association who worked toward the preservation of Echo Heights Forest.  Emotions ran high.  Trivial slights came to feel like mortal blows.  That issue was resolved, that era has past and you can take it from me that we all want to move on,” she wrote.

“Please be assured John that you will not only be treated fairly by the CRA Board, the Chamber of Commerce representatives and the event organizers but you will be welcomed warmly and appreciated for your contribution to the democratic process”

The meeting is scheduled to run from 6:30 to 9 p.m., Nov. 4, at the school, 9947 Daniel Street.