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Five storey condo building proposal at Dalby’s proceeds to public hearing stage

Frank and Mike Crucil of FMC Holdings are hoping to turn Dalby’s Automotive into a five storey condo
An architectural rendering of the five storey condo building at 201/203 Dogwood Drive. (BJK Architecture photo)

Frank and Mike Crucil’s proposal for a housing development at 201/203 Dogwood Drive is advancing to the public hearing stage.

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The Crucil’s proposal has made some significant changes since it was first proposed in July 2020. The proposal is for a five storey, terraced, 25 unit multi-family residential development with the potential for local commercial uses on the ground floor. Originally the Crucils pitched a six storey building.

In a brief presentation to council at the March 2 regular council meeting, Frank Crucil said that rental units are no longer viable for the property.

“It’s a very expensive building compared to what we originally envisioned. It’s not viable as a rental building at this time,” Crucil said.

Instead, the units will be sold as condos under a strata. The building will have no rental, and there will be no age restrictions on ownership.

The five storey design that has been prepared for a Development Permit application includes varied architectural design features, a number of facade materials and landscaping. The building design is narrower, with lesser units on floors four and five. The upper floors will be stepped back to address concerns around overlook into neighbours’ yards.

There will be underground parking, which the Crucils have previously said will have a double benefit of providing parking for residents, and removing contaminated soil that exists on-site.

Several studies conducted by the Town of Ladysmith have shown hydrocarbon contamination in the soil beneath the property that was formerly Dalby’s Automotive – including some contaminants that have migrated toward Forward Road.

The Crucils are seeking a rezoning and OCP amendment. Council voted to proceed with first and second reading of “Official Community Plan Bylaw 2003, No. 1488, Amendment Bylaw (No. 64) 2021, No. 2062.

Council also voted to direct staff to work with the proponent to install a pedestrian signal at the existing crosswalk at Dogwood Drive and Bayview Avenue, or provide cash in the amount of 125 percent of the estimated construction cost and an undertaking to complete the work within one year of final approval; Provide cash in the amount of 125% of the estimated construction cost to be deposited to the Town’s Amenity Reserve Fund should the pedestrian signal not be considered viable through consultation with the developer’s traffic engineer.

The public hearing will be held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Citizens have the opportunity to express their comments and concerns live at the public hearing, or through letters and emails.

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