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Insulation catches fire

Ladysmith Fire Department called to Bayview Avenue fire.
Ladysmith firefighters extinguish hot spots after the insulation at 218 Bayview Avenue was set on fire during some soldering work.

A fire in the interior walls of a Bayview Avenue building prompted an evacuation and forced Ladysmith firefighters to perform some emergency exterior redecorating.The call came to the Ladysmith Fire Department on Tuesday, May 3 after some soldering work on a pipe ignited some insulation and spread to the joists at 218 Bayview.The building is currently under construction and undergoing a strata conversion.Fire Chief Ray Delcourt said it was lucky the fire happened during the day and was spotted.“It got into the insulation and up into the joists,” said Delcourt.“It filled the place up with smoke.”Delcourt said it did some good damage to the structure and interior.The new fire-alarm system in the building worked well, added Delcourt.Evacuation was a slow process, Delcourt added, noting many residents had to be chased out of the building and some tried to get back in.“People have got to learn to get out when those alarms go off.”Bruce Findlay, who owns the building, said he is thankful a tenant was able to spot the smoke.“Everything was handled how it should have been handled,” Findlay said of the process.Findlay estimates there is around $2,000 worth in damage as a result of the fire.

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