Interpreters needed in Ladysmith

The Lodge on 4th is seeking volunteer interpreters to help improve the quality of life for some of the residents in their care.“We have had some residents come in and they have difficulty understanding English, where English is their second language,” said Joyce Halliday, operations manager. “It would be nice if we were able to communicate with them more thoroughly by having someone who spoke their native tongue.”Management at the Lodge want to compile a database of volunteer interpreters who can spare one hour a week, to be contacted as the need varies. The only qualification is being able to both speak and understand any dialect other than English. There are currently 101 residents at the Fourth Avenue facility, and approximately 10 per cent of those speak a second language, Halliday said.One of those residents includes an elderly Greek woman for whom staff are hoping to find an interpreter.“There are times that she might benefit from someone, like a friendly visitor, who can speak her language,” Halliday said.An interpreter would be a great help for elderly residents who are already facing communication barriers due to the aging process.For example, a resident with a language barrier who is already visually impaired may experience stress at meal time and may refuse to eat if they do not understand what is on their plate.“It is very important for the resident to be able to understand communication, because without that communication, they become increasingly confused, afraid in surroundings they’re not familiar with to begin with,” Halliday said.“What we want to do is provide good quality care on a holistic level, and that includes communication and them understanding and having a comfort level here.”For more information on how to help, contact the Lodge on 4th at 250-245-3318