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Keep doors shut to avoid a bear home invasion during hot weather: Conservation Officers

Parts of the province to heat up to the mid-to-high 20s and exceed 30 C this weekend
In one region, a bear walked through an open door at three houses in one day during last year’s heat wave. (Photo: BC Conservation Officer Service/twitter).

The B.C. Conservation Officer Service is warning people to keep their doors closed as the summer continues in order to combat a bear’s strong nose guiding it into a home in search of food.

During last year’s heat wave, conservation officers responded to three cases of a bear entering a home through an open door on the same day in one region.

Preventing bears from entering your home is essential, even when the heat makes it challenging, conservation officers said on Facebook in late July.

Many regions in the province saw the first heatwave of the summer this past week, with plenty of summer heat in the forecast through August.

Keeping doors and unattended windows locked is a good strategy to avoid a bear entering a home, according to the charity Bear Smart. To avoid attracting bears into a yard, store garbage in a secure indoor area, use a bear-resistant compost bin and ensure food residue is burnt off outdoor barbecues after they are used.

Estimates of the black bear population in B.C. ranges from 120,000 to 150,000, and most of the province is considered bear country, according to WildSafeBC.

Some areas are at a higher risk for a bear home invasion than others, and many municipalities have individualized rules, guidelines and educational resources about living with bears.

Wild Safe BC also has a map that tracks wildlife encounters reported to the conservation service.

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