Kinsmen officers Wes Fenner

Kinsmen officers Wes Fenner

Kinsmen install officers, celebrate year

Hopes are high that a great year will be followed by another.

The Ladysmith Kinsmen held their 63rd annual Installation of Officers and Awards dinner Saturday, Sept. 26, and hopes are high that a great year will be followed by another.

Vancouver Island Governor Stephen Nahirnick installed the new executive and joined in thanking and congratulating the outgoing executive and club members for their outstanding efforts.

Ladysmith Kin have made tremendous contributions to their community, and to District and National programs in the past year, Nahirnick said.

He noted that Ladysmith is the biggest club in the province in terms of funds raised for projects and volunteer hours put in.

Last year Ladysmith topped all other clubs in the province by more than 300 hours – very few clubs in Canada put in the time that the 16 members of Ladysmith do, he said.

Outgoing president, Steve Dinsmore, thanked the club members for their hard work and fellowship, and predicted another banner year to come.

He handed out awards to Kinsmen who went above and beyond. The Rookie of the Year award was presented to Mike Sumpter Jr.; the Chef award to Chris Saunders.

Last year’s Unique Kinsman winner, Jason Kelland, passed the honour on to this year’s winner, Kin Larry Adair.

Dinsmore presented the President’s Award to Jim Delcourt; and the Kinsmen of the Year award went to Duck Paterson.

Incoming president, Ron Legault, thanked the club members for their confidence, and hoped that in the coming year the club will continue its tradition of progressiveness, fellowship and community spirit.