Ladysmith mill to reopen April 4

  • Mar. 30, 2011 5:00 p.m.

Bad weather and tight inventories closed the doors on the Ladysmith mill for two weeks.Gary Ley, Western Forest Products spokesperson, said the weather at the north end of the Island, where logs are harvested for the Ladysmith mill, has prevented any movement of logs.“We’ve had a run of crappy weather that has prevented some safe logging. So that’s restricted supply.”Ley said last week one loaded barge, not bound for Ladysmith, was delayed for four days by 27-ft. high seas.“Obviously we couldn’t get them out.”The other factor impacting the mill is the tight log inventory.“When you add some restrictions on your ability to log plus tight inventories, you end up with some restrictions on what you can do with the mills.”Ley confirmed the mill will be re-opening on Monday, April 4.Ley said the improving spring weather will make shipping logs easier, but inventories remain tight.