Ladysmith Police briefs – Nails placed behind tires

Information provided by Ladysmith RCMP

There were a total of 68 calls for service during this period of time. To date, 1,459 incidents have been reported to the detachment (1,508 for the same period in 2010).

Tuesday, May 10

A number of items were stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked overnight in a driveway in the 100 block of Methuen St. The items included two car keys, a house key and a red, leather folding wallet containing two Scotiabank Visas, B.C. Care Card, Canada Citizenship card and $50 in bills and change.

More than $500 in copper wire was reported stolen from the dock at the Ladysmith Community Marina. The wire had been chained and locked with a padlock about a month ago. The length and grade of the coil of wire is not known.

Several young individuals were reported placing nails in front and behind vehicle tires in the Frank Jameson Community Center parking lot over the past couple of weeks.


May 11

Eight 30-amp power cords were taken from RV’s that were being charged in the service area of the Arbutus RV park overnight. The cords are valued at $50 each.


May 12

RCMP members discovered a stolen vehicle that was thought to be abandoned while travelling along a dirt road southwest of Oyster Sto-Lo Road on an unrelated matter. The blue Chevy Blazer truck, which had damage to the ignition and door lock, turned out to be a vehicle stolen out of Duncan on May 5 or May 6.

A safe was located on a logging road on the west side of Oyster Sto-Lo Rd. The safe had been pried open, but nothing was left inside. Police suspect the safe had been in the woods for at least a few weeks as it was covered in dirt and pollen.

Friday, May 13

An attempted fraud/theft was reported. An individual stated that he was attempting to sell his boat and had it listed in several used/buyer guides. A buyer contacted him approximately three weeks ago and he and the owner agreed on a price of $18,500. The buyer sent a cheque for $27,000. The owner did not cash this cheque and called the business that the cheque was issued from. The business, Vital Insight Company has a large website indicating that it sells computer programs etc. An employee stated that they had cheques stolen from their company and were pleased that he had not cashed the cheque.  According to police, this is a typical scam in that the buyer contacts the seller to ask that he cash the cheque and send the “extra” money back to him.

Saturday, May 14

A black 2006 Mercury 4hp four-stroke outboard motor was stolen from the Ladysmith Marina between February 15 and April 22. The model number is F04211fk.

The driver of a Black Lincoln Navigator has been charged under the Motor Vehicle Act after being involved in a hit-and-run in Shawnigan Lake and driving erratically through Duncan. The driver was pulled over in Ladysmith  after local RCMP received a description of the driver from Cowichan police.

Sunday, May 15

During a routine patrol, an RCMP member queried an Ontario plate of a black Honda stopped at red light in front of the police car. The plate came back inactive and was stopped. The driver produced an Ontario driver’s license and stated that he was aware the plates were inactive.  Further query of his licence showed it, too, was suspended as of June 2010. Violation tickets were issued.

Monday, May 16

A truck that was parked at the back of a property on S Watts Rd was broken into sometime over last weekend. The culprit(s) broke the driver side door window and tampered with the ignition, but nothing appeared to have been stolen.