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Ladysmith water work lauded as money saver

Only one treatment plant needed

As the Town of Ladysmith currently looks to borrow $1 million for new water infrastructure, the director of public works says the work done will save money in the long run.


Joe Friesenhan said the work will connect the town to one drinking supply, eliminate the need to run two treatment plants and ensure the town’s safe drinking water supply.


Right now, the town’s water is fed from two supplies, the Stocking Lake for residents in the south and Arbutus Reservoir in the north end.


Putting in a centralized treatment plant eliminates the need for the south end chlorinator and will mean the town will be fed from the Arbutus Reservoir at the head of the Holland Creek system.


“You are reducing capital costs by only having to build one plant and also reducing operating costs,” said Friesenhan.


The town needs a new treatment plant to ensure safe drinking water, said Friesenhan, an issue the City of Nanaimo is also currently dealing with.


“VIHA’s regulations require two levels of treatment in order to ensure a safe water supply,” said Friesenhan.


The pipeline linking the south end chlorinator and Arbutus is around 1.5 km.


When dealing with creek crossings, work can only be done between July 15 and September 15 because of fish migration. The rest of the work can be done at any time.


The project in total is worth around $2.47 million. The pipeline contract was just awarded to Milner Group Ventures Ltd. for $1,466,663.04 and, according to the tender, will be completed in 90 days.


The town has also received a grant to put in a hydro generation project on the pipeline and are currently awaiting news on a grant for the pipeline project. If that grants is approved, borrowing for the project will not be necessary.



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