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LSS dancers raise money and food for Ladysmith Food Bank

Ladysmith Secondary School's B Block dance class stepped outside the school walls to raise more money and food.

Right now at Ladysmith Secondary School (LSS), students are working to help the community through a food drive for the food bank.

“It’s a competition between all our B Block classes,” explained Karen Battie, a student in Chelsea Grovum’s B Block dance class. “We are making competition get the best of us.”

Battie and her fellow dancers were outside 49th Parallel Grocery in Ladysmith Sunday, Dec. 8, collecting food and cash donations for the Ladysmith Food Bank.

Every class is trying to beat the record set by Mr. Heese, who raised around 504 pounds of food one year but isn’t at LSS this year, explained Battie.

“We want to see who’s the next Heese,” she said. “Usually, the students bring in money, but we came to 49th to get extra money.”

Grovum believes this is the first time a class from LSS has gone out into the community like this during the food drive competition.

“It was Mikayla Gresmak’s idea,” she said. “She mentioned it in class, and everyone got excited. They organized it all themselves, from talking to the store and talking to the principal to make sure it was OK to organizing shifts.”

The dancers raised $302.28 and a large amount of food in five hours on Sunday.

Grovum’s dance class is hoping to raise half a ton of food.

“We want to challenge other people in town to raise money and food for the food bank in any way they can,” said Grovum.

The competition at LSS is a Student Council initiative.