Pilot, plane fine in minor airport incident

Small plane noses into the runway after front wheel collapses

It might have looked and sounded like a big deal at the Nanaimo Airport Sunday.

But, according to airport CEO Mike Hooper, it was more like the airport version of a flat tire.

Airport responders  were called to the scene of a small plane that nosed into the runway Sunday.

Hooper was not on scene at the time, and had yet to receive the official report by press time. But he said it was his understanding that the plane’s nose wheel gave way upon landing, tipping the nose into the runway, where it ground the plane to a halt.

“No injuries and minimal damage to the aircraft,” he said. “It’s kind of like reporting a flat tire.”

The incident may have attracted more notice than was usual because crews took a long time to remove the plane from the runway because they were taking precautions not to damage it.

Hooper did not have precise information about the plane, but said it was privately owned and believed it to be a one- or two-seater.

He said such incidents are not uncommon, happening every two to six months.

Outside responders were not necessary and no further investigation is planned.