Pompeo sentence won’t be appealed

Shooting victim incensed: Gillespie figures the outcome of the case sets a bad precedent

Bill Gillespie is pursuing a civil suit against David Pompeo

Bill Gillespie is pursuing a civil suit against David Pompeo

The Crown will not be appealing Const. David Pompeo’s sentence in his aggravated assault case against Bill Gillespie.

Gillespie said he was contacted by Crown lawyer Carmen Rogers Dec. 10, just five days after the sentencing. She said the decision had been reached not to appeal.

Pompeo was sentenced to two years probation and 240 hours of community service work on a charge that normally brings much harsher penalties, up to 14 years in prison for the most serious offences.

“It was not fully explained to me other than they didn’t have enough to appeal on,’’ shooting victim Gillespie indicated.

“I wasn’t surprised by the decision but, like I’ve said before, I’m not a vengeful person and Pompeo will deal with karma, however, this leaves a bad precedent in future court cases.

“The RCMP have treated me so badly, and have been getting away with it, that I’m now disillusioned that there is any justice in the country I was born and raised in.’’

Gillespie still has a civil suit pending against Pompeo.

Crown counsel did not return News Leader Pictorial enquiries in relation to this story.