RCMP asking for information about High Street hit and run – Ladysmith Police Briefs

The Ladysmith RCMP Detachment responded to numerous calls related to thefts and motor vehicle accidents from May 25-31.

Friday, May 25

} The Ladysmith RCMP received a report of a lost boat. The boat had been on a dock on Thetis Island and has gone missing; however, it is  not known if it was stolen or blew off in the wind. The boat is described as old with faded white paint.

} While responding to a complaint of a suspicious person on May 25, the Ladysmith RCMP located a male behaving erratically. The male was arrested, and when he was searched, a small quantity of methamphetamine was located. The male was transported to the Nanaimo Regional Hospital for further treatment.

} The Ladysmith RCMP received a report of two vehicle batteries being stolen. The batteries were described as being approximately 24 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches with rope handles and weighing approximately 100 pounds each. Also stolen were two fuel cans, one yellow and one red. The theft occurred overnight in the 10,000 block of Old Victoria Road.

} The Ladysmith RCMP responded to a two-vehicle motor vehicle accident. A white Mercedes had been parked on First Avenue and was unoccupied. It proceeded to roll downhill and struck a Chevrolet Cavalier that was travelling up First Avenue. Both vehicles sustained minor damage, and there were no injuries.  The public is reminded to ensure that their vehicles are safely parked and secured, with the emergency brake applied on hills.

Sunday, May 27

} Residents on Root Street located a group of youths who had broken into a carport on Root Street and stole alcohol. The youth were detained by the residents, including an off-duty RCMP member. A Ladysmith Detachment member attended, and the youth were turned over to their parents. The alcohol, along with trailer wheel covers, was recovered close by. A forensic identification examination is being conducted, and charges are being recommended by the police.

} The Ladysmith RCMP received a report of the theft of a gold-coloured 1989 Acura Legend taken from a residence on Gatacre Street. The vehicle was left unsecured with the keys in the ignition.

Monday, May 28

} The Ladysmith RCMP responded to a single-vehicle motor vehicle accident.  Three occupants were trapped in the vehicle and subsequently removed by the fire department. All occupants of the vehicle were transported to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. As a result of the police investigation, charges of refusal to provide a breath sample in relation to impaired driving are being recommended against the driver.

} A member of the Ladysmith RCMP responded to a complaint of a hit and run. A brown Cavalier was driving on High Street, passing the alley behind the post office when a blue car, possibly a Honda, driven by an elderly female exited the alley and struck the Cavalier in the bumper area, scraping the bumper. The occupants of the Cavalier exited the vehicle and attempted to stop the blue car, which drove off.  Anyone with any information or who may have witnessed the incident is asked to contact the Ladysmith RCMP Detachment.

} The Ladysmith RCMP received a report of the theft of a vehicle over the weekend.  A 1991 white Chrysler Dynasty was stolen over the weekend from a residence on Second Avenue. The police are continuing their investigation.

} During the evening of May 28, the Ladysmith RCMP responded to a motor vehicle accident involving a deer on the Trans-Canada Highway at Morgan Road. A southbound vehicle struck a deer, with the vehicle suffering front-end damage so that it couldn’t be driven.

Tuesday, May 29

} The Ladysmith RCMP responded to a single-vehicle collision in the Coronation Mall parking lot. The driver’s seat of the car was not locked in place and slid back, causing the driver to lose control and strike a railing. The airbags deployed as a result. The driver did not sustain any injuries.

} The Ladysmith RCMP received a report of an unknown person attempting to break into a car on Gatacre Street. The car door handle was pried off during the attempt, but no entry was gained. A barbecue propane tank was taken.

Wednesday, May 30

} The Ladysmith RCMP received a report of six old radiators and two alternators being stolen from the Frank Laird compound on Rocky Creek Road. There are no suspects to the theft.

} On this same date, the Ladysmith RCMP received a report of a stolen red 1990 GMC pickup from the Frank Laird lot. The vehicle was unlicensed at the time.

} The Ladysmith RCMP received a report of the theft of a 9.9-horsepower Mercury outboard motor, stolen from an open garage on Third Avenue overnight. The police are continuing their investigation.