This sign at the entrance to town was among those discussed by Ladysmith council during a presentation on signage initiatives Nov. 18.

This sign at the entrance to town was among those discussed by Ladysmith council during a presentation on signage initiatives Nov. 18.

Signage in Ladysmith under debate

Ladysmith council is looking at ways to update the Town's signage, including potential changes in colour.

A presentation to council on signing initiatives caused a stir last Monday as council members discussed seeking the perfect formula for new signs for the Town.

Felicity Adams, director of development services, outlined the vision for signage updates to council at the recent government services committee meeting Nov. 18.

The presentation contained a number of slides with new ideas on what the town’s signs will potentially look like in the future.

“I hope we’re retaining the old-time image,” said Coun. Duck Paterson. “[Having said that] with the trees downtown, if we don’t start pruning them or putting banners up, they’re blocking some of the other stuff we’re doing [in terms of new signs].”

Mayor Rob Hutchins wasn’t buying the retention of old traditions on the signage front.

“I don’t agree with Coun. Paterson, those pictures have faded and they’re hard to see,” he said. “I’m not sure why we’re still living with the colours of 2000, unless we’re trying to retain the heritage that we never change [anyway].”

Hutchins wants a change from the traditional dark blue and cream colours used regularly on a lot of signs around town.

“The Holland Creek Park Sign, I can’t read it,” said the mayor, who asked development services if the colours for the signs presented were set in stone.

Adams confirmed they are merely designs at this stage.

The mayor voiced his concerns about a design sample sign for Forrest Field, which retained the typical blue and cream colour arrangement with some new logos and images added in.

“Are those colours set in stone? The Forrest Field one looks like a hospital sign,” said Hutchins, who also had an idea of his own to enhance the main Ladysmith entrance sign at the north end of the town close to Tim Hortons.

“I’m hoping we can lift ‘Ladysmith’ up. It’s difficult to see when the lights shine on it. I am delighted to hear however that after 10 years, we’re relocating the sign closest to city hall.”

Coun. Jillian Dashwood agreed with Hutchins on the main entrance sign front.

“I agree that ‘Ladysmith’ has to be moved up so that you can actually see it when the lights are on it. I’d like to see us put white behind ‘heritage by the sea’ too. Black on grey is not very visible.”

Paterson remained somewhat of a traditionalist amongst all the discussion.

“Our signs have character and are more than just a block of metal,” he said. “We should retain and enhance the pictures in the signs. Our signs don’t have to be like everywhere else.”