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Statement on the federal election

The federal election campaign began August 2, 2015.
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Tim Tessier

The federal election campaign began August 2, 2015.

According to J.P. Kingsley, former Chief Electoral Officer, by making this campaign more than twice as long as it should be, Harper is “gaming the system” - i.e., abusing Canada’s election laws.

Federal campaigns are typically 37 days long; this one will run for 78 days.

The cost to taxpayers is estimated at about $2.8 million per day for every one of the 41 extra days Harper is imposing.

In 2006, Harper inherited the best fiscal situation in the western world, but he burned through it in less than three years, he made Canada weaker and vulnerable.

He has saddled the country with $158 billion in new Harper debt. That’s $4400 for every man, woman and child in Canada. And he’s still in deficit for the 8th straight year.

Canada needs a new economic plan dedicated to better growth, good jobs and more fairness - especially for the middle-class and all those working so hard to get there.

Canada also needs a federal government that is willing to work constructively with B.C. on vital priorities. For Nanaimo-Ladysmith, that means important things like infrastructure; fight on climate change, health care leadership to improve access to family doctors and fix transportation to the mainland.

We don’t have to settle for mediocrity. We need real change. The Harper government has to go. It’s time to end the scandals, the secrecy, the arrogance and the partisan attacks on Canadian Democracy. The blatant attempt by the Harper Conservatives to buy votes by spending billions of taxpayers’ money for the sole purpose of staying in power is shameless.

It is time for an open and transparent government that promises to bring fairness back to the middle class. Canadians have the opportunity to compare our plan for real change against Harper’s failed plan.

Mr. Mulcair has provided no answers on how he will grow our economy. The NDP does not have a sound fiscal track record here in British Columbia. Do we risk our struggling national economy on empty promises?


Liberals have a plan to deliver fairness and growth that works for everyone. Our plan will cut taxes for the middle class, so Canadians can keep more of their pay cheques. We will also create one bigger, fair, and tax-free monthly benefit that will help families with the high cost of raising their kids.

Liberals have committed to fighting climate change and with it have strong incentives for investment to grow the Green Sector economy that will bring jobs and investment to Nanaimo-Ladysmith.

I have spoken with thousands of people in Nanaimo-Ladysmith and most are telling me they want change, this is a historic election and I urge voters to make an informed decision. Given most of us want change then vote for whom best represents the social, environmental and economic issues of our time. Vote for someone that can make change happen.

We can make Canada and Nanaimo-Ladysmith a better place.


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