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Trio of grizzlies safely relocated out of Nelson area

The bears were captured and moved away from the city
Three grizzly bears who had been seen around Nelson were captured, sedated and safely relocated. The one seen sleeping here is the sow. Photo: Lisa Thomson/WildSafe BC

Three grizzly bears who were seen wandering around Nelson have been trapped and relocated.

WildSafeBC Nelson announced Monday that the sow and two cubs, whose presence had shut down the Rail Trail and nearby mountain bike routes, were captured.

“Thank you to all who reported sightings, obeyed trail closures, secured your garbage and extended kind words and support. Particular thanks to the Mountain Station community for sitting tight, safe inside during this morning’s operation.”

Grizzly bears are a rare sight in Nelson, but black bears have typically been more common.

Residents were outraged when 17 black bears were destroyed by conservation officers within city limits throughout 2022, the second most in B.C. A total of 21 were killed last year in the region between Taghum and Queens Bay, which includes Nelson.

This year however has been quiet, with no bears killed in Nelson as of Aug. 31. The drop in deaths coincides with what Mayor Janice Morrison has previously said is stricter enforcement of the Waste Management and Wildlife Attractant Bylaw. Morrison said The Ursa Project, WildSafeBC and the Nelson Community Food Centre’s Harvest Rescue Program deserve credit for educational work that’s led to local change with residents managing attractants.

“It’s really been driven by community organizations,” said Morrison.

The safe ending to the grizzly family’s visit to Nelson follows a bear attack in Alberta’s Banff National Park that killed two people Friday.

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