Caution in best interest of Ladysmith public

Ladysmith councillor says caution needed on waterfront development.


I would like to comment in regards to the letter published in your Nov. 8 issue from Mr. Don Harrison about my statements about development on Ladysmith’s waterfront.

I wish to point out that I NEVER used the word “study”…. I did in fact use the phrase ‘public consultation’.

I stated in my remarks that anything done on Ladysmith’s waterfront, can only be done once, so we need to make sure that it’s done right and the people of our town are aware and in approval.

An avenue for expropriation ‘could’ be available, but that would also be at a cost. Whatever the determined value of the cost of Lot 5 might be, it’s almost 100 percent certain that it would end up in a lengthy legal hassle that would end up costing the citizens of this town thousands of dollars. Would that be an appropriate use of public funds, without going to them to find out if this is really the way they want to go? Would the total of all the expenses be more than what we might be able to purchase the property through negotiation?

I think being cautious on how and where we go with the waterfront will most definitely be in the best interest of the community. Something will happen with the lands down there but in my opinion it won’t happen without the approval of the community.

Duck Paterson