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Council is not sticking to rules and traditions of a modern democracy

Robert Brogdesell of Ladysmith suggests council install cautionary signage at the entrances tot he Holland Creek Trail.


I find it amazing that our town council apparently takes so much time to debate the off-leash issue on Holland Creek Trail.

I would suggest perhaps a study of democracy would be more appropriate, as our mayor appears to want to dictate to an overwhelming majority of dog walkers that they must leash their dogs when walking the trail. This is not democracy.

As to safety concerns, there are much more real issues on the trail, which makes the trail a little bit of a true wilderness area, especially on the west side of the creek.

I have found bear scat right on the trail, and I would not doubt the odd cougar uses the trail as well. Are we going to tie yellow ribbons on the bears and cougars?

There are also steep drop-offs along the trail, which could easily kill a person taking a wrong step. Are we going to build chain-link fences all along and thoroughly destroy the ambiance?

I would suggest the proper and democratic thing to do would be to install signage at all entrances to the trail, giving a clear message to all trail users that they do so at their own risk.

Robert Brogdesell


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