Editorial May 10 Making a Living

Many of you reading this may be sitting behind a desk, no natural light in sight, phone ringing, pulling your hair out wondering ‘What else can I do to make money?’

There are so many cool ways to make a living out there, newspapers included, and most of us will not even have the chance to scratch the surface.

Recently, a group of school students had the chance to help release 500 rainbow trout into Chemainus Lake.

During the process, one of the fisheries workers asked the kids, “Don’t I have a cool job?”Consensus was, she does.

It was a brief and captivating look at a career choice that group of kids may not have thought about because they had never witnessed it in action.

During their student lives, people form their likes dislikes and hobbies. Those can fundamentally alter what a person chooses to do with his/her life. There are exceptions to the rules, but many kids with a passion to help animals go on to be veterinarians, some kids who enjoyed taking apart the remote end up becoming electricians or engineers.

But some kids don’t get exposed to a vast number of career options until later in life.

Sure you can always change your career at different stages in your life, but as those of you pulling your hair out in front of a computer can attest, it’s not always that easy.

As the calendar year grows closer to June, those of you graduating need to take some time to examine all the options for life outside high school. And for those of you with kids graduating, take some time to talk about your career.

There are a lot of ways to make a living. Let us know how you make a living and we can try to profile who you are, what you do and why you do it.