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Improv event speaks highly of young people in our community

Ladysmith Secondary School's Improv group put on an amazing show last week.


We had the opportunity to attend one of the shows put on by the Ladysmith Senior Secondary School Improv group last week, and it was amazing.

We would like to congratulate all the young people that participated in any way. It was a super show and very well done. The time and effort put in by all these young people is very commendable. We had a great time, and it was very humorous and entertaining.

The crowd that attended was comprised of a lot of young people that also attend LSS, and their response to the show was great. They showed great respect for the kids performing, as well as those who worked at the show.

The whole event speaks very highly of the majority of the young people that we have in our community.

I would also like to thank the teachers involved for taking the time and effort in working with the students. Your dedication has truly paid off.

It was a great show put on by very hardworking people who are interested in others having a good time.

Thank you for a great time.

Duck Paterson


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