June 14 Editorial – Not part of Ladysmith

June 14 Editorial

A couple of weeks ago, peaceful First Avenue witnessed a violent assault you would more expect to see in some downtown back alley, not our quiet mainstreet.


New residents and visitors alike were brutally attacked outside the local bar after hours, leaving many people’s sense of security shaken to the very core.


Since then, news organizations from Calgary to Toronto have picked up the story, but the dateline unfortunately stays the same.


The thought that, for some people, their first introduction to Ladysmith is by hearing about this horrendous event is the complete opposite to the reason many hold this town dear.


To live in a place where incidents like gas siphoning and joyrides make the police news would be laughable to some — not to trivialize any crime.

What happened on May 23 after hours goes far beyond mere highjinks. This was not a couple drunk fools in a mutually provoked bar fight out back.

This was a blind-side vicious attack and hopefully the persons involved will be brought to justice.

This is not the town’s fault, however we now have some rebuilding to do.

While the rest of us may not have the bruises and black eyes to show as a result of this attack, it is important to not let this define us.

Ladysmith is a great town with, until now, a great reputation.

People smile on the streets and are always ready to lend a hand.


Remember to keep doing the things we do well and this too shall pass.