Keep the Ladysmith trolley wheels rolling

Nick Meijer Drees wants to give the trolley service some credit.


Ladysmith has a beautiful trolley bus — it’s been riding our roads for two and a half years now.

When it offered free rides, it was popular, especially with our youth.

Last year, we started paying fares. Now that the initial free-fare trial is over, it seems that fares, long waits, long walks and long rides are not for everybody, and ridership is down.

The trolley needs riders to be financially successful.

But let’s not stop this bus.

The future of public transportation is important to consider: What do the residents need now and what will they need later?

Our town is expanding to the south, and gas prices are going up.

Public transportation offers an inexpensive and dependable alternative to cars but needs careful long-term planning and organization.

With goodwill and public support — which public transportation always needs — we can keep this valuable service available.

It is worthy of our attention. Let’s give the trolley service some credit!


Nick Meijer Drees