Kudos to Town of Ladysmith for swift action

Ann Calder commends Town staff for their speedy response to letter concerning a dying cherry tree.


Wow!! When I wrote that letter to the editor about the dead cherry tree, I never expected Bob to be at my doorstep the next morning and the tree to be gone by Wednesday afternoon. Talk about the power of the press!!

I did however learn that there is a process for the removal of a tree from the Ladysmith Boulevard, and I may have jumped the queue, for which I apologize to the Town of Ladysmith.

Yes, I may have waited a couple of months, but there are definitely other jobs that need to be done that take priority over a dead cherry tree. Whether the tree is replaced is up to the Social Planning Committee, and I really do not have an issue about it if it takes months to see if there is insurance or to make the decision not to replace the tree. I will follow the process.

I was just glad to discover that the tree was not diseased but merely stressed. As you drive from Ladysmith to Nanaimo, you may see other trees with brown foliage that are also dead.  The reason is unclear and may just be a sign of our times.

Again, thank you to Chronicle and all of the concerned citizens who phoned to support the removal of the dead cherry tree.

Kudos to the Ladysmith maintenance crews for their fast action.

Ann G. Calder