Lack of planning has created a ‘monster’

Don Harrison of Ladysmith feels lack of planning has created a parking 'monster' on Fourth Avenue North.


It appears that the usual lack of planning in Ladysmith has created a monster which is driving the people on Fourth Avenue North absolutely insane. I say lack of planning because the wonderful soccer games attract untold numbers of cars that have nowhere to park. The result is a huge number of cars parked along Fourth Avenue North, blocking driveways so residents unfortunate enough to own a home in this area cannot leave their driveways. Add to this the incredible speeds that some of these visitors travel on Fourth Avenue, and you have the monster I allude to. Where was the planning when this facility was constructed? Now the powers that be in Ladysmith plan to add to the mayhem with two ball fields. Someone must have their brains installed upside down. It never seems to get better in Ladysmith, does it?

Don Harrison