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Letter to the Editor - Bad message

Echo Heights not well-attended by councillors



On June 20, about 140 taxpayers packed North Cowichan council chambers for the public hearings on our official community plan (OCP), the Stonehill development and other items. This show of force by concerned citizens unfortunately was not reflected by our elected leaders. Only the mayor and two councillors were in attendance. The mayor said councillors not attending would be sure to read the summaries of the hearings provided by staff. Oh, sure!

Here we have a public hearing on the OCP, a document that will guide decision makers in the coming decade and only three members of council could be bothered to show up.

The optics are disturbing. Already there is little trust by citizens that our elected officials really listen and that they, and the bureaucrats that support them, are on pre-ordained missions.

When the public hearing on the Echo Heights development plan is held on July 21 (tentative date), I certainly hope the full council is there to hear what citizens think. And they better bring their sleeping bags. It promises to be a long night.

Mark Kiemele


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