Letter to the Editor – Chemical concern

Pesticides draw fire



I am disgusted to realize that there are people that have no respect for living creatures and humans for that matter.  Some residents of Dogwood have put herbicide on the boulevard in front of their house.

They do have a small wee sign about the same size you see with a plant you are buying to transplant.  You pass half of the herbicide first and then must be looking in the middle of the boulevard and down at the ground to see this sign, which means it is too late by the time you see it, if you even see it at all.

The herbicide has been left in its powdered state which means it can be carried by the wind and transported by your feet to other places.

Herbicides and pesticides are known to cause neurological problems like tremors, depression and fatigue, respiratory problems, cancers, degeneration of the retina, longer-than-average menstrual cycles, and reproductive issues.  Animals can become very sick and die from this especially if it is ingested like when they get it on their paws and lick themselves.

I also see signs on the boulevard stating “No Poop Please”, “No Dog Feces.” I also understand the dislike in having people not clean up after their dogs.  But as a responsible dog owner who knows the need to walk their dog for exercise, I also pick up after my dog and do not need a sign to tell me so.  As for the irresponsible owners a sign is not going to make them start picking it up, only their own conscious can do that.

Herbicides do not only kill weeds. Besides the dogs that people walk, there are cats, squirrels, birds, raccoons, deer, loose dogs that cannot read signs.

What about the toddler walking by that stumbles and puts his hands down to stop himself.  Where do you think his hands are going to be shortly, in his mouth just like many toddlers?  Now I do not agree with dogs being let loose and my own cats are strictly house cats, but I do not think these living creatures should be intentionally harmed.

I am hoping that the town will put a stop to this, but in the meantime, I think the people walking by or living near needs to be aware of it.

Janice Mageean