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Letter to the Editor: Harper got in

Editor: My neighbour just phoned to say Harper got in,The wolf’s at the door and he’s starting to grin,And all of the Albertan’s are hugging their kinThe Tory’s are ready to take some more of your skin.

Even tho’ Layton is sitting in a seat far across,Stephen’s in charge, he’s the dictator boss,Punishing us all in the name of the CrossAnd laughing like hell at the Liberal’s Loss. Ontario’s gone to the dark side again,Women subservient, and bow to the men,CBC’s dead and abortions will end,And all of our oil to Obama we’ll send. American companies they’re laughing out loud,

Our children in prison, tear gas in the crowd,If you are a Tory, everything is allowed,They’ll smile and gloat, with their head in a cloud. Do unto others is thrown out the door,Eye for an eye is what churches are for,Gays are detested and tycoons can make war,‘Cause Harper is now crowned the Canadian Czar.

Now Stevie Harper, can show us his hand,Nothing but Kings, every Joker is banned,Funding is stopped, he’s the Lord of the Land,And control of your money is now in his slippery hand. Gord BarneyLadysmith

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