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Letter to the Editor - HST not adding up

Ladysmith Chronicle



The spin doctors are paid to confuse; to get rid of the HST, you must vote yes.  Then there is the confusion about what the HST costs you.  The actual tax increase in our individual cost is 17 per cent as reported by the province.  Have you had a 17 per cent raise?  Consider the predicted increase cost of food, which raises the taxes you pay.


But, giving our province the right to tax to the federal government really scares me.


This is already happening, as seen by the Feds ‘granting’ a proposed stepped reduction in our tax rate in the next few years if the HST is not extinguished (rejected) by you.  I can just hear the Feds saying, ‘Wow, what a cash cow rich B.C. is. We will be able to fund all kinds of programs such as the $ 2 billion we just gave to Quebec.’


Make no mistake, if the HST is adopted, our government loses the right to set our taxes, and you can bet that our taxes will rise dramatically to fund Ontario programs first, other provinces, and then B.C. You must vote YES, and you must mail your ballot to stop this nonsense.


Jim Whittaker


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