Letter to the Editor – One great town

Ladysmith a great place





To whom it may concern.

I would like to take this opportunity to voice my support and thanks to the people of Ladysmith and to the “Sportsman Pub” after hearing of the bad press of which both are receiving.

After 40 years of travelling, I had the great fortune to discover this wonderful place.

My first encounter on arriving was the Sportsman Pub, as a complete stranger. I was shown nothing but help and politeness, this I quickly realized extended throughout the town and its stores.

This is my fourth visit to the small oceanside town, which I am really starting to think of as home.

For the “Sporty” I can only say that compared with many hostelries in England, I find it exceedingly well-managed, clean and friendly.

Also a place where a wealth of local knowledge and history can be found.

How else would I have found the places of such interest off the normal “tourist routes?”

Once again I say thank you to both the town and the “Sporty” and all the people that make up both.

You are one of the best little towns I have ever visited and will definitely be back.

Chris Perkins

United Kingdom