Letter to the Editor – Outstanding Eggs

Ladysmith Chronicle


Through the pages of your paper the members of the Ladysmith Kinsmen Club would like to pass along a huge thank you to everybody involved in our “eggs benefit” fundraiser on Sunday, June 19.


The efforts of the folks from the Oceanview Community Church were amazing and through all the hard work of the “Pastor Dude” and the members of their church our many volunteers served almost 400 omelettes and raised over $4,000 to go towards the next phase of the new adventure playground at Kin Park/Brown Drive in Ladysmith.


It was a great day and a whole pile of fun was had by everybody and I know the members of the Kinsmen Club were very impressed with the great response and support from the community in our efforts to finish the project for all the kids of Ladysmith.


This event would not have been a success or even possible if it wasn’t for the support from others as well including Island Gold Eggs.


The management and staff from Island Gold gave it their all.  They donated all the eggs and even came out and helped to make the omelettes. Also helping the success was Island Farms Dairy, Tim Horton’s, George Liaros, Max’s Mushrooms, Bouma’s Meats, Old Town Bakery, Island Paradise Foods, Mayor Rob Hutchins, Ladysmith Chronicle, Island Bakery, 49th Parallel Grocery, Ladysmith C.O.P.’s, 49th Parallel Printers, Island Savings Credit Union, Coast Realty, Joan Phillips and many others.


We also need to acknowledge the HUGE contribution from all the omelette cooks, who gave up their Father’s Day to come out and help us raise over $4,000 that will go towards the new playground at Brown Drive


All of these businesses and volunteers go to show how great our community is and how much fun we can have and raise funds to make great improvements to what we have. The Kinsmen Club hope that all the citizens of Ladysmith can say thank you to all of these folks for their time and hard work.


Duck Paterson