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Letter to the Editor: Tory track record

Editor: Many of today’s voters will be too young to go back to the hungry 1930-era to analyze this Conservative government’s past history in Canada. The result will be that Harper could be successful in bamboozling the younger voter to vote Conservative.Let’s go back to 1933 when men like my father were working 10 hours a day, six days a week for $2.50 a day. They were the lucky ones.They were at least working. But there were thousands of men riding on the rods under rail cars back and forth across Canada looking for work and living in hobo jungle camps along with others. The prime minister of England at the time told Hitler if he bombed Poland he would be at war with the British Empire. Well, Hitler bombed Poland, and suddenly Canada was at war with Germany. Miraculously money appeared for war machines and equipment. Money the prime minister of that time said was not available to help the hungry.His name was R.B.Bennett and he was a Conservative Fast forward to the Deifenbaker days. At this time Canada had the most advanced aeronautical team of engineers in the world.They designed and built an interceptor fighter aircraft called the Avro Arrow. There was nothing on this planet that could compete with its performance. However, Deifenbaker caved in to American pressure and ordered them scrapped. He not only scrapped the finished aircraft he had all the written engineering and plans scrapped. Fast forward to the Mulroney reign and I am sure that every reader will agree that this had to be the biggest blot on Canadian history. No need for details. Fast forward to the present day. We have a government and prime minister that is the first government in Canadian history to fall for contempt of Parliament.I am not stumping for any one party, but I thought that new voters should stop and think about what the Conservative history and accomplishments have been for the past 80 years and also to remind my fellow seniors about how they have been looked after by this crowd in Ottawa. Don Harrison Ladysmith

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