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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We need to share Island with elk

This has been elk country for a long time, says letter writer
Farmers in Ladysmith view a herd of elk that have moved into the area as trouble on the hoof, potentially causing crop and property damage. (Chris Bush/News Bulletin)

To the editor,

Re: Elk herd cause for consternation among farmers, March 21.

Of course it’s hard to read into the comments from Yellow Point and North Oyster farmers to glean if they were being said with a smile and chuckle of resignation. I hope so. Because for thousands of years, this area has been elk country.

The Stz’uminus and Snuneymuxw First Nations know this. And the best any of us can do living in this coastal forested landscape is adapt and be ready for change. From heat domes, and atmospheric rivers, to a black bear with cubs raiding the berry patch or a herd of elk taking a liking to a lush hayfield, farming is tough. We share the land with others and accept with humility that’s life.

Like George Carlin quipped about our species’ hubris: “we build a house at the foot of a volcano and then wonder one day why we have lava flowing through the living room.”

Ken Gurr, Gabriola Island

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